Kirsch Wood Blinds

from elegant, lavish dining rooms to guest bathrooms, kirsch select hardwood, composite and faux wood blinds offer the luxury and warmth of real wood with construction designed to the requirements of your space.


Select Hardwood

  • Exclusive wide selection of finishes.
  • Blends with existing wood finishes in the home.
  • Exclusive options and upgrades for added style.
  • Unsurpassed quality construction.
  • Perfect for main living areas such as the Living Room, Dining Room, and Master Bedroom.
  • Available in 1″, 2″ and 2-1/2″ slat sizes.


  • Blends with existing wood tones in the home.
  • Heat, scratch, and moisture resistant.
  • Perfect for areas such as kitchen, bath, and garage.
  • Coordinate with Kirsch Select Hardwood.
  • Available in 2″ slat size.

& Modernesque™

  • Moisture resistant.
  • Economical choice.
  • Available in 2″ and 2-1/2″ slat sizes.

Slat Sizes


  • Ideal for french doors.
  • Narrow window depth.


  • Our most popular slat size.
  • Ideal for most windows.

2 1/2″

  • Ideal for larger windows and added depth.
  • Great view through slats.


Cordless Lift

  • Easy Lift – With an upgrade to our exclusive cordless design, raising and lowering the blind is virtually effortless.
  • Comes standard with Privacy feature.
  • Available in Select Hardwood Blinds.


Maximum light control. A no rout hole design blocks light and prevents outside ‘see through’.
Available in Select Hardwood Blinds, Variance™, and Resemblance™/Modernesque™.

Radius Corners

A softer look. Slat ends are finished with rounded corners, especially suited for a more traditional style.

Available in Select Hardwood Blinds.

Decorative Tapes

Choose from one of our decorative tape options to accent your blinds and coordinate with your upholstery and textiles while increasing privacy.

Available in 1-1/2″ width for a more traditional look and 3/4″ width for modern décors.

Tapes available by slat size.

Multiblinds per Headrail

  • Provides the flexibility of raising one blind while keeping the other lowered on extra wide windows or patio doors.
  • Two or three blinds on one headrail are available up to a total maximum width of 144″.
  • Minimum innerspace is 1/2″ between blinds.
  • Horizontal slat alignment is not guaranteed.



  • Allows access to air conditioners, window cranks, etc.
  • Center and side cutouts are available.
  • A diagram may be required.


Traditional Valance

Available in 2″ and 2 1/2″ Select Hardwood Blinds.

Modern Valance

Available in 2″ and 2 1/2″ Select Hardwood Blinds.

Wand Tilt

Put the control in your hands with our optional wand tilt. Not available on 2 1/2″ Select Hardwood Blinds.

Cord Tilt

Traditional control. Not available on 2″ Cordless and 1″ Select Hardwood Blinds.

Cornice Options

Kirsch cornices add a distinctive and finished touch to your windows, a look that states it is your own. Based on your personal style, select from a more traditional Rope design or the modern Dentil offering.



Kirsch Wood Blinds